Ideas for 2013 LDS Youth Activities

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We have been brainstorming various activities we could do during the week to follow the 2013 “Come Follow Me” Curriculum to reinforce Sunday lessons.  I thought I would share what we came up with in case anyone else is looking for ideas.  I don’t have a lot of ideas for the last months, but as we brainstorm more, I’ll continue to update this page. We are using some of these, but not all of them, so if you try these, please let me know how they worked for you.


January:  The Godhead

  • Faith Walk
  • “What will I be like in 5 years” party (Dress up as they will be in 5 years from now, and come prepared to talk about that person and act like that person.)
  • Jeopardy Game with questions about the Godhead
  • Visit an Art Museum and talk about paintings of Christ

February:  Plan of Salvation

  • Go on a Temple Trip
  • Play the Family History Game
  • Plan of Salvation Night (go through the plan of salvation, starting in a Pre-Earth Life, Pizza Party for earth life, visit a mortuary, etc.)
  • Progressive Dinner to visit homes and hear quick stories about the plan of salvation
  • Miniature Golf through life
  • Paint a picture of the temple (We are having a local artist come — she will draw an outline of the temple onto canvas for each girl, and then go through the process with them of how to paint the temple)

March: Atonement of Christ

  • Passover Dinner
  • Visit replicas of things in Jerusalem
  • Slide show of the last week of the Savior’s life
  • Go on a hike — get lost and come back
  • Ropes Course/ Trust activities
  • Giant Jenga — build on a firm foundation (I think someone found this idea on Sugardoodle)
  • Play Volleyball with modified rules to teach about the atonement. We are keeping this simple with two modified rules:  1: the ball can bounce and you can still hit it (repentance) and 2:  We will have someone who is a really great player standing outside of the game.  If someone on the court needs help, they need to ask for it, and the back up player will enter the game. (prayer)
  • Feather Tennis:  This is a game the Pioneers played.  Put a string across the room like a volleyball net.  Then, use a feather instead of a ball.  Rules are similar to volleyball, but they have to blow the feather. The feather can be blown as many times as necessary to get it over the “net”.  We played this and then sat down and each of the girls told us how the atonement was a type to the game we played.  Several of the girls had more than one idea.  This was a fun night.
  • Make Sugar Easter Eggs with a picture of the Savior inside.

April:  Apostasy and Restoration

  • Take a trip to a Church History Site
  • Make something with Joseph Smith on it
  • Make a movie
  • Play 3 lies and a truth or gossip
  • Do an activity to see what happens when there isn’t cogent leadership
  • Go into a cave and talk about apostasy in total darkness
  • Have a Joseph Smith Night
  • Legos and Rebuild
  • A Pasta “C” Dinner and Program (talk about the people who laid the groundwork for the restoration while eating a pasta dinner)

May:  Prophets and Revelation

  • Prophet night with presentations on various prophets
  • Make Busy Bags for Primary Children with a focus on current prophets
  • Mystery Dinner
  • Do something President Monson loves to do
  • Eat foods from around the world (as the Prophet visits places around the world)
  • Have an activity where we talk about how to really study the scriptures
  • Human Battleship
  • Scavenger Hunt

June:  Priesthood and Keys

  • Make Missionary Packages for people in your ward
  • Do something to teach about the duties of the priesthood
  • Visit the Capitol and talk about authority vs priesthood
  • Do something for the Bishop
  • Make Bread for Sacrament Meeting
  • Create object lessons to talk about priesthood keys
  • Go Sailing (talk about how the ropes are needed as resistance to hold the sails)
  • Get to know the Bishop night
  • Joseph Smith night

July:  Ordinances and Covenants

August: Marriage and Family

  • Etiquette Dinner
  • Dating Panel
  • Taking care of an Egg
  • Family Feud
  • Contest with life skills
  • Swing Dancing
  • Play a real life version of the Game of Life

September:  Commandments

  • Human Chess (or Checkers)
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Make Kites and fly them
  • Make a movie
  • Charades (or Reverse Charades)
  • Sailing
  • Visit a Prison
  • Football

October:  Becoming Christlike

November:  Spiritual and Temporal Self Reliance

  • Shopping Games (will post some of these later)
  • 72 hour kits
  • How to cook with food storage
  • Campfire cooking
  • Activity to teach sewing/ cooking/ shopping/ budgeting/ gardening skills
  • School planning (teach what to do to apply for schools, scholarships, grants, etc.)
  • Photography scavenger hunt
  • Make a light-bulb
  • Geo cashing

December:  Building the Kingdom of God

  • Make missionary packages
  • Do service
  • Build a tall tower to make an analogy
  • Missionary relay race (things missionaries would do)
  • Make T-shirts to wear while doing service

7 thoughts on “Ideas for 2013 LDS Youth Activities

  1. I am a newly called YW leader and would love to know more details about some of these activities if you can share them. i.e. volleyball with modified rules to teach about the atonement.

    • Our Young Women came up with that idea. They wanted to modify the rules to allow repentance and show the atonement. They haven’t figured it out 100% yet, but I’ll put the rules up as soon as they are solidified.

    • Sorry it took so long to get back to you. The girls decided they wanted to keep the volleyball activity simple. So, to teach repentance they are going to allow the ball to bounce once before hitting it again. And, to add to the fact that Christ can ease our burdens (or send someone else who can help) We will have an extra person who is not playing on the court. If someone is struggling, that person can run into the court and help the individual who is struggling. That’s it. Not a complicated activity, but the girls are pretty excited for it.

  2. Hi, we loved your ideas of a real life version of the game of life. Do you have details that you could share with us. Thanks, Kathy

    • Not yet — that is just a brainstorming idea our youth came up with. They were thinking of making a giant game of life in the gym or outside on the sidewalks and then having to do things like the game. This is an idea they decided to do, so we will be planning it, and as we come up with details I will post.

  3. Not an “activity” but something done in class for June’s theme of Priesthood and Keys. The Mia Maids invited the Teachers to come to class last Sunday. They sat in a circle and the young men shared what the priesthood is, what their duties are, what are the purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood, who holds priesthood keys and why priesthood matters to the young ladies. The young women asked questions and the young men answered. My favorite part was at the end when the Bishop asked the young women to go around and say what they expected of priesthood holders and told the young men to take notes.

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