Amazing Race Youth Activity


Amazing Race Youth Activity

The_Amazing_Race_18_logoThis was an activity my husband put together a few years ago for a combined activity. The goal in this fast paced activity, is to be the first team to complete all the challenges or to have the most challenges completed when the hour is done. There are eight challenges to overcome and we divided up our youth into seven groups of about 4-5. The activity is very flexible on number of youth participating, you can either have smaller teams or you can create more challenges. You can also come up with your own challenges to better accommodate your group. The challenges vary and include spiritual, team building and just plain fun activities. salt-lake-mormon-temple2I love the extra twist that my husband came up with that you can’t just choose any challenge to go to, you have to answer a temple trivia question to find out where you are supposed to go. Each of the challenges are held in different rooms of the church and there are pictures of temples posted on each door. (Perfect for this year’s theme: Stand in Holy Places)  At the beginning of the race and after completing each challenge, the youth are given a clue such as: Which temple took 40 years to build? or First temple built outside of the United States? They weren’t too hard to figure out, but it kept the youth running around the church trying to find the right door. We used a lot of supplies from the library: scriptures, temple and apostle pictures, etc. It would be a good idea to make sure they have everything you need ahead of time. You will also need a good amount of leaders to help you, since each challenge will need to be overseen by a leader. This was a fabulous activity that the youth and leaders alike absolutely loved! It’s been a few years since they have done this activity and now I am in the YW and I am going to do it again. I might tweak it a bit, but I might just leave it exactly as is! It’s been long enough and who doesn’t need a good review every once and awhile! I hope this inspires a fabulous evening for your youth group!  Here is a link to the instructions of how to run this fabulous activity!  Have Fun!

Guest Post by Kara Allen. (Thanks Kara!)


5 thoughts on “Amazing Race Youth Activity

  1. I think your Amazing Race activity sounds wonderful. Unfortunately when I click on the link for the instructions, it just takes me back to the same page. How do I get the instructions?

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