The Lightning Theif/Percy Jackson Birthday Party

lightning2If you have an avid reader, like I do, then there is no doubt they are in love with the Percy Jackson series.  My son, who was turning 8 wanted a Percy Jackson Party… let the fun begin!

lightning3We sent out invitations that said, “Kyson has lost his Thunder… come help him find it at his Lightning Thief Birthday Party!”

As everyone was arriving we set them to work making their “tridents.”  They all had fun making them, and wanted to use them throughout the party.  There is not a lot of creativity in a trident, but they were all different sizes, and the blades were all different shapes.  We made these out of large blue Pixi Stix, some construction paper and glue sticks.lightning6

For games, we started at “Camp Half Blood” and then went on a quest to find three pearls. The pearls were the best part, because I made cookie dough truffles, my sons favorite, lightning4and covered them in a light blue chocolate to make them resemble the pearls in the book that they go on a quest to find.  They first ran into a little bit of a problem when they met “Medusa” (aka- my dear daughter who was nice enough to dress up for her little brothers party).  She played “freeze” tag with them and turned them all into stone.lightning8

Next stop on their adventure was to the “Lotus Hotel” where the party guests played games and we almost got them to fall asleep.  They LOVED playing games, so we then went to find the Parthenon where they ran into the “Three Headed Monster” (aka- his dad) who then played a version of what we call “ferosious tiger” where they had to get all of the pillows away from the monster to win!lightning9

Tlightning7he kids all then went down stairs to the “underworld” where we had everything decorated in blue, with balloons and create paper to make them feel like they were under the sea.  They had to find, or make, the lightning bolts… which they made out of legos.  We had a contest to see what they kids could come up with as they made their own versions of lightning out of legos.lightning10


Hlightning5is cake was a simple blue, witlightning1h blue sugar sprinkles, since Percy’s favorite color is blue… and of course covered with more “pearls.”  I put eight of them on the cake, since it was his eigth birthday, but we also had a couple of pans of then, and there were definitely enough that everyone got plenty of them and I do believe the pearls were their favorite part!

It was quite the quest and as my son says, ” it was one of the best days of my life!”   Happy Birthday “Percy!”

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