Games to play while camping

We are headed up to the mountains this weekend to go camping.  We do love to camp, and usually have enough to keep the kiddos happy with things to do, but I wanted to find some camping games that they could play, so we could make fabulous memories.  I ran across a couple of fun games that might not be your typical camping game, but would be great to play.

campgames11.  The first game that I found is called mölkky.  It is a game apparently common in Finland, and they sell sets of it, but it would be so easy to make your own with just some sticks and a marker.  Basically, you get 12 sticks and cut them so that they can stand upright, then write the numbers 1-12 on 12 of them.  The remaining stick will be the mölkky.  You throw the stick, and try to knock down the other sticks and then score by what you knock down.  The first person to get to exactly 50 points wins!  It is pretty simple, but looks fun. Here is the Wikipedia link to how to play.

2.  Another game that we play all of the time in the car is the Alphabet game.  You have to find something that begins with each letter of the alphabet, and go from A-Z.  We are going to see if we can play this game out in nature.  I just hope that we don’t run into a porcupine Quill for the letter Q! :)

3.  A game that we play quite often is the Human Knot.  Everyone reaches their hands into the circle and crosses their hands, and then takes two hands and then everyone tries to ”unravel” without unlocking hands.  It takes a little doing sometimes, stepping over hands and crawling on the ground without letting go of others hands, but it makes for some great memories.  This can be played with just a few people, or with quite a few.

campgames24.  I ran across some fun Camping Bingo cards over at Thirty hand made days.  They are fun and the idea is that you have to find the items in order to mark off the Bingo cards.  Click on over to this link to find these cute cards.  It becomes a fun scavenger hunt for items in nature.

5.  My husband’s family loves a game that they kind of made up, but have played for years.  Each person finds a stick.  You take turns selecting a target tree.  Each player tries to hit the tree, by throwing their stick at the tree.  You count how many times it took you to hit the tree.  You can or cannot keep score, depending on your mood! :)  They have traveled all over the campsite and sometimes lost sticks in “water hazards” and had to get new ones.  It is a blast!

We are going to have fun camping… especially with some of these new games to play, and oldies but favorites to make new memories with!

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